How Amaltea was born

Amaltea is a small agricultural company born in 2008 among the Woods of Rivalto Chianni. Our passion for the land has led us to rethink our lives by starting again with daily direct contact with nature. We started with the care of a small olive grove that already existed on the land, from which we began to produce extra virgin olive oil. Over the years, we have developed a small production of aromatic and medicinal plants, inspired by the principles of permaculture and organic agriculture.

We are also passionate about gathering and using wild plants, always striving to deepen our knowledge of their properties and characteristics, as well as their use for food and medicine.

We love animals and have a dog, Selva, two cats, Caterina and Pimpa, and two horses, Pioggia and Siria. Over time, we have grown as a family and as a project, and so we decided to build a straw house, a place to welcome people and organize activities. Amaltea is now also THIS HOUSE, a home that breathes and has minimal environmental impact. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, welcoming and characterized by the colors of the earth, the scent of wood, and decorations inspired by the shapes of plants.


inspire our life:

They are altruistic, preserving and defending their community by creating invisible but long-lasting networks over time.

They live perfectly integrated into the environments they colonize and find creative solutions to various difficulties.

Plants cannot move, so they must find solutions within themselves.